Absolutely. There is always at least one vegetarian main course available daily at the cafe. The only animal proteins you will find in our salads are from cheese and yoghurt (and the occasional dash of fish sauce in certain salads); each salad ingredient is labelled clearly. Our soups are suitable for vegetarians. In fact, many of our salads are also vegan friendly. We are very happy to make your coffee with soya, almond or hemp milk. We also bake gluten free cakes and bread.

Is Chriskitch a child-friendly deli?


​Most days you will see Chef Chris's two small children in the deli at Muswell Hill. We love kids - bring them along.

Can we bring our dog to Chriskitch?


Absolutely - as long as they are well behaved. We have an outdoor seating area with plenty of space for your dog to lie in the sun and relax whilst you enjoy our Chriskitch delights.

Are you open for dinner?

Unfortunately not, but come and try our gorgeous breakfasts, our beautiful salads for lunch or a slice of freshly made cake and coffee for a mid-afternoon pick me up! Our opening hours are 9am - 5pm on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and 9am - 6pm Tuesday - Friday.


How do I make a reservation?


We take reservations for three people or more; you can call, email (via the contact form at the bottom of the Muswell Hill page) or book in person.  For two people or less, you can just walk in.  



Do you sell gift vouchers?


Yes we do.  Vouchers come in denominations of £20; they are available to buy in person at the cafe.


Can I leave feedback?


If you have any comments or feedback you'd like us to be aware of, please share them with us via the email address: infochriskitch@gmail.com.

Do you have any vacancies?


We are always happy to receive applications, although we may not have a job available at the time. We operate an efficient application database which is always reviewed when a vacancy arises. Please email your CV if you are interested in being on our career database.


Press enquiries


For any marketing and press enquiries, please contact us via the email address infochriskitch@gmail.com.

Is the food at Chriskitch suitable for vegetarians? 

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