Chriskitch Muswell Hill offers a catering service for private events (collection only). 


Send a message using the contact box below, with your details including your choices from the selection listed and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


There is a minimum requirement of four portions per item ordered for salads and unless otherwise stated, mains.

As all ingredients are not listed, please state any allergies that must be catered for on your order.  Some dishes may contain or have traces of nuts, seeds and nut oils or may have been made alongside other products containing nuts and seeds.  Chriskitch cannot be held responsible for any issues resulting from food allergies.


All £3.90 per portion

Sweet baby beetroot with tarragon, pomegranate, orange and feta


Spinach pasta with tomato and toasted mixed seeds 


Roasted sweetcorn, pinto beans and lime


Honey roasted sweet potato with chilli, mint, dates, almonds and balsamic vinegar

Oven-baked sweet potatoes, kale and vinaigrette dressing


Caramelised carrots, tahini, and sun blushed currants


Roasted peppers, yoghurt, lentils, lemon, parsley and almonds


Potatoes with mustard, capers, red onion, dill and gherkins

Green beans, sugar snap peas and garden peas with linseed, lemon and mint


Cauliflower, apple, quinoa, almonds, pink grapefruit and dill


Grated broccoli and apple, chili, pumpkin seeds and red onion 

Blanched broccoli with garlic and chili dressing, yoghurt, pumpkin seeds and parsley


Roasted aubergine with cinnamon, mint yoghurt and chilli


Orange roasted parsnips with olives and thyme


Tomato and barley salad

Oven-baked salmon with tahini, pearl barley, parsley, pomegranate, walnuts and garlic

£7.50 per portion


Meatloaf, with butter beans and raisins

£6.50 per slice

(minimum of 6 portions)


Coffee and cherry BBQ chicken

£6.00 per leg 


Pork belly crusted with cumin, garlic and ground coriander, a balsamic and honey glaze, with new potatoes

£6.00 per portion


Parsley and olive frittata

£5.50 per slice 


Roasted whole carrots, ginger and coriander frittata

£5.50 per slice 


Pepper, cream cheese and red onion frittata

£5.50 per slice 


White bean, sage, onion and chickpea rissoles

£6.50 per portion


Dried mango roasted pork loin with a honey and malt vinegar dressing

£6.00 per portion


Blue cheese and cauliflower lasagne

£5.50 per slice 

(minimum of 6 portions)


Tomato, olive and courgette lasagne

£5.50 per slice 

(minimum of 6 portions)


Vegetarian mixed seed loaf

£5.00 per slice

(minimum of 6 portions)


Truffle mushroom macaroni cheese

£5.50 per slice

(minimum of 6 portions)

Chilli corn and cheddar

£4.00 per loaf


Guinness beer and blue cheese £4.00 per loaf


Red onion and garlic

£4.00 per loaf


Fenugreek, apple and raisin 

£4.00 per loaf


Potato and rosemary

£4.00 per loaf


Fennel, anise and pearl barley  

£4.00 per loaf


Curried egg and yoghurt 

£4.00 per loaf


Salt and vinegar potato bread 

£4.50 per loaf


All £29.50 per cake


Chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache topping


Banana and salted caramel with toasted coconut


Lemon drizzle


Carrot with cream cheese frosting and walnuts


Courgette cake with cream cheese frosting


Apple, honey and raisin

Flourless chocolate


Flourless polenta cake with ground almonds, berries and yoghurt 

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